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They’re more than awake.
They’re excited.

THE El Education MODEL

brings excitement to learning

Children Can Do More Than They Think They Can

EL Education is a proven model that challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and their communities. Yes, they go on expeditions! They get out into the real world and get their hands dirty doing things that matter to them. The result: more motivation and more achievement.

A Proven Academic Model

Schools have been using and improving EL since 1993, when the first demonstration schools were launched. It’s not an experiment. EL student test scores exceed district averages, often by wide margins and especially among minority.

EL Education

Students aren’t asked to learn in disconnected bits and pieces: Reading in period one. Math in period two. Yawn. Even teachers can get bored that way.

Rather, using EL, students do projects that go on for months and that require them to develop and use skills in several subject areas. They document local history, teach younger children about homelessness, collect data about their school’s energy efficiency … Things that mean something to them and their community.  They’re more than awake. They’re excited.

Testing Is Good. Real Work Is Better

Of course our students take tests, but we believe that learning is best measured through student work. In addition to testing, students conceive and produce things that are tangible and meant to be shared with the whole school and the whole community. Videos, books, artwork, presentations. They even launch ventures. It’s not just “What do they know?” It’s “What can they do?”

See what EL children can do: visit the EL Center for Student Work.


Learning is active
Students are scientists, urban planners, historians, and activists, investigating real community problems and collaborating to solve them.

Learning is challenging
Students at all levels are pushed and supported to do more than they think they can.

Learning is public
Students do presentations, exhibits, critiques, and data analysis.

Learning is collaborative
School leaders, teachers, students, and families are all expected to work hard—together.

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The key to success is dedication to life-long learning
Steven Covey