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Our Team

Staff and Faculty

Last Name First Name Title Email
Sneed Timothy Executive Director
Decoteau LeighAnne Vice Principal, High School
Anders Marc Assistant Principal, Middle School
Rodriguez Sonia Director of Multilingual Learners (ESL)
Taylor-Smith Sonia Director of Special Ed
Hill Sonia Evaluation Team Leader
Maynard Heather Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Brunette Douglas Director of Student Support Services
Cayer David Dean of Students
Arzola Johana Office Manager
Sanchez Santiago Ezequiel Office Administrative Assistant
Cartagena Isabel Business Manager
Harris Chelsey 11th & 12th Grade Adjusment Counselor
Barrett Shamika School Nurse
Rossi Dan School Counselor – College and Career Readiness
Young Shanekha 6th Grade Adjustment Counselor
D’Alssandro Beth 7th & 8th Grade Social Worker
Monteiro Isabel 9th & 10th Grade Social Worker
LaForest Jennifer Science Instructional Coach
Booth Caitlin Math Instructional Coach
Bristol Kasinda Coach, Management in the Active Classroom
Walker Marquise Student Support Specialist
Sanchez-Jones Marilyn Assistant Dean of Students, Middle School
Sutton Briana Assistant Dean of Students, High School
Reynolds Jennifer 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Blanton David 6th Grade Math Teacher
Riyaz Nabila 6th Grade Science Teacher
Njiiri Zyda 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Johnson Mondisha 7th Grade Science Long Term Sub
Hoheb Ronneisha 7th Grade Paraprofessional
Robinson Asha 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Elliston Ramon 7th Grade Math Teacher
Green Genelle 7th Grade Social Studies
L’Italien Luke 8th Grade Math Teacher
Coryell Roger 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Bailey Jamilla 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Kynard Zarya 8th Grade Science Teacher
Flynn Peter 9th Grade PLTW / Principles of Biomedical Sciences
Fortilus Kibbs 9th Grade ELA Teacher
Parker Libby 9th Grade Science / Biology Teacher
De Jesus Pedro 9th Grade Math / Algebra I Teacher
Brand Leah 9th Grade World History Teacher
Mobley Belinda 10 PLTW / Human Body Systems
Caird Carol 10th Grade ELA
Leckman Julie 10th Grade Math / Geometry
Anziano James 10th Grade History
DelValle Christine 11th Grade Science / Chemistry
Kuzdeba Paulette 11th Grade PLTW / Medical Intervention
Williams Dayvon 11 Grade Math / Algebra II
Kelly Eleanor 11th Grade History
Weiner Ashley 11th Grade ELA
Crum Sidney 12th Grade Science, Physics
Durant   12th Grade Math Teacher, Pre-Calculus  
Toponce Brandon 12th Grade History Teacher, American Gov’t & Politics
Davis, PhD Markeysha 12th Grade ELA Teacher
Santiago-Lopez Dr. Elisenda Spanish I & II (Grades 9-10)
Diaz Maria Spanish III & IV (Grades 11-12)
Sirkecioglu Serhend Art Teacher (Grades 6-9)
Coderre Ryan Middle School PE (Grades 6-8)
Cuevas Rafael High School PE (Grades 9-12)
Jackson Jessica High School Health (Grades 9-12)
Kynard Shamara SEL Teacher (Grades 6-8)
Jeffery Shana HS SpEd Paraprofessional
Rivera Lirymar Administrative Assistant, Special Education Dept.
Amimi Jamal 10th Grade Math TA
Ingle Patrick MS SpEd Paraprofessional / SpEd Pullout Room
Jones Kaprice MS SpEd Teacher / SpEd Pullout Room
Hamilton Marchello HS SpEd Paraprofessional / Pullout Room
Lee Dr. James HS SpEd Teacher / SpEd Pullout Room
Gines Sylvia ESL Teacher/ Pullout Room
Figueroa Jarinelys 11th Grade ESL Paraprofessional
Munoz Antonio 8th Grade ESL Teacher
Nieves Anahis 9th Grade ESL Paraprofesional
Medina Alimarie 6th Grade ESL Paraprofessional

These dedicated community leaders are passionate about education. BACPS Board of Trustees includes members from all areas of the community with various levels of expertise. Community members represent their groups as voting members on the Board and help to govern our operations. The Board is responsible for policy, oversight of finance including budget, and supervision of the Executive Director to make sure they are carrying out the mission and vision of the school.

Jennifer Hixon D.HSc

Martha Anderson – 1st Vice President

Peter Blain – 2nd  Vice President

Rebecca Connolly, CPA – Treasurer

Caitlin Castillo, Esq. – Secretary

Gilberto Amador

Stephanie Logan, Ph.D.

Roberto Nieves

Paul Hyry-Dermith Ed.D

Frank Robinson, PhD

Lisa DeSousa, Esq.



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2001 Roosevelt Ave Springfield, MA 01104
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