• Higher education starts here
    Baystate Academy is focused on healthcare careers, science, and math. We’re a college-preparatory school, not a vocational school. We chose this broad curriculum for its power to challenge students, ground learning with real experience, and benefit the whole community.

    Baystate Academy students make deep connections while engaging in creative problem solving, and rigorous inquiry. By exploring the causes or possible cures for cancer, conducting experiments on pathogens, or writing a play promoting healthy lifestyles, Baystate Academy students learn to engage with the world with strong skills and a clear sense of purpose.
  • Learning is real world, challenging, active and collaborative
    Serving students from across Springfield, Baystate Academy Charter Public School is a rigorous college-preparatory school with a focus on healthcare careers. We currently offer grades six through nine and will be adding a new grade each year. Our first class of seniors will graduate in 2019.

    In addition to our health-sciences focus, Baystate Academy partners with EL Education, a proven national model that unlocks students’ potential with project-based learning, and supports them to achieve more than they thought was possible.

    College and career success is increasingly dependent on skills that go beyond content knowledge. Through hands-on experience, students design expeditions, lead whole-school meetings, and facilitate student/parent conferences. Our approach strengthens essential skills like leadership, effective communication and collaboration, time management, and accountability.
  • Positive change starts with rigorous expectations
    Baystate Academy offers a curriculum that challenges students with real-world problems while building key life skills like perseverance, self-advocacy, and collaboration. Our students will learn the compassion, integrity, and confidence needed for achieving success in school, at work, and in life.